Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Wishes from West Virginia

Yeah, yeah. It's been awhile. Well, what can I say? Life is its usual busy. And I've been sick. And I moved two months ago. And on and on and on. Lame excuses, I know. Well, I am revived and determined to show you all my new life. Harpers Ferry, West Virginia is an interesting place. Stay tuned for a slide show of the new house. I just need to clean it up before I snap pictures of each room. Guess I could just shove things in corners and take the pictures "creatively".

Let me just say, moving is a pain. Don't do it if you don't have to. I anticipated the packing and unpacking, the new school adjustments, the change in climate, etc. What I didn't think about is how much time it would take to find new pediatricians, preschools, grocery stores, places to work out, orthodontists, music teachers, dentists, and Costcos. I definitely am a fish out of water, but slowly the pool is filling. After visiting multiples of the above list, I think we finally have all the frontrunners narrowed down and committed to. I was just getting settled in, and then, boom, the kids are home for the next two weeks. That will unsettle the most settled of souls.

Funny story: Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with some new friends here, having dinner, reading the Christmas story, and playing games. When we got home, we found a lovely and delicious danish on the table. While we were gone, our bishop (pastor-type leader) broke into our house to "deliver" it (not really, the door was unlocked). This made quite an impression on our children, however. The next morning, after all of the presents were opened, the kids found a mysterious gift left on the kitchen counter. They opened it only to be sent on a treasure hunt around and outside the house. Santa went to great trouble to set this up for them. At the end of the hunt, our family received a new Wii video game system that was already hooked up and set to play. Josh called it a Christmas miracle, and the kids all believe that our bishop delivered it secretly along with the danish. I keep telling them that Santa brought it, but somehow it's more exciting to believe that Bishop Harmon left it when he broke in. Forgive them their "trespasses". I know, corny!